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"The Artisan Ice-Cream Shop in Florence"

Opening Time
All days*: 12:00pm ▶ 08:00pm
*Tuesday: closed

TEL: (+39) 055 2398969 Florence. Via de' Tavolini 19red. Italy


Ice-cream Shop Perché no!…, in Florence since 1939 The artisan ice-cream made by all natural ingredients.

Founded in 1939, Perché no! is one of the historical ice-cream shop in Florence. The ice-cream is traditionally homemade every morning, hence fresh every day. The whole making takes place in our laboratory using only the best available, natural and carefully chosen ingredients. We do not use any coloring, preservative or emulsifier. Neither we use hydrogenated vegetable fats. Our production starts with milk, cream, sugar and eggs to give you a very high quality ice-cream.

It's difficult to suggest which flavour to try first but, while you are in the shop, you have to taste 'CREMA', cooked in the old way with lemon rinds and vanilla, 'PISTACCHIO' with natural Sicilian pistachios, and the other dried fruits tastes like 'HAZELNUT' and the so requested 'ALMOND'. Even the 'CASSATA SICILIANA', made with ricotta cheese and candy fruits, is wonderful. For greediest people there's good variety of variegated flavours like 'PANNA CON AMARENE' with black cherries, 'NOCCIOLOSA' with soft chocolate and hazel-nuts, and 'FIORDILATTE CON MIELE E SESAMO' with chestnut honey and sesame seeds, and others.

Otherwise the fruit flavours ('SORBETTI') are light because they are made just with water. In summer you can choose among many tastes, like 'PEACH, MELON, WATER MELON' and other season fruits. For the hottest moments of the summer you can try the 'GRANITA', made exclusively with fresh fruits with no colouring agents. The 'SEMIFREDDI' like the plain 'WHIPPED CREAM', remain one of the speciality of ;Perchè no!…, and up to today they are made in a pot with whips and the result is remarkable.

Days with special ice-cream flavours
Monday: ❝ Rose - Pineseed - Trifle ❞
Wednesday: ❝ Sacher torte - Rich cream ❞
Thursday: ❝ Cheese cake ❞
Friday: ❝ Apple pie - Mascarpone cheese - Mat-Cha green tea ❞

Perimmon sorbet

'Sorbetto' persimmon flavour
One of our ideas for lovers of fresh fruit.

Rose Ice-cream

Rose Ice-cream
An ice cream with a delicate taste sensations and perfumes details.

Honey and Sesame

Honey and Sesame
Fiordilatte ice-cream with chestnut honey and sesame seeds.

Small delight

Small delights
Many flavors and colors, to prove our quality.

The ice-cream Shop

Perché no!..., and so, in the fall of 1938, was born the idea of the shop at the same time the name it would bear: with an exclamation!

In via de' Tavolini
, just a few step from via de' Calzaioli and Piazza della Signoria. There was an old shop, run by a swiss, that sold polenta and chestnut cake. Mr. Ugo Ravaioli, the founder and for decades the owner of  Perchè no!…, saw in the ideal location for starting up his new activity. By 1939 the essential of the shop had been completed, and it was ready to open to the public; since than it has become one of the Florence's most refreshment spots.

. It  seemed that the outbrake of World war II would threaten the great success  Perchè no!… had enjoyed ever since its opening.
Paradoxically it was the very war to confer the shop almost legendary fame it enjoys today. If the shortage of raw materials interfered with the production of ice cream and whipped cream, Mr. Ravaioli's inventiveness and ability and his wife Maria's precious advice were equal to the task: there appeared a whole series of true "SPUMONES " based on egg whites and a cream made from apples. Maybe their flavours wasn't exactly that of the original products, but they did attract thousands of Florentines to Perchè no!…

After the war Perche no!…continued to be an authentic point of reference for ice cream…but above all for its " semifreddi". The interior of the shop was radically remodelled in 1950. Among other things, Perchè no!… was furnished with those pure onyx slabs that still adorn the walls. Using the same onyx, Giovanni Fiaschi, the last and perhaps the greatest of the modern Florentine masters of the art of mosaic, created a clock that is a true masterpiece of its kind and that has became the unofficial symbol of the shop.
That symbol that many personalities from the world of culture and theatre, political leaders and statesmen among the faithful clients of Perchè no!…have always acknowledged. In 1966 the disastrous Florence flood forced the shop to closed for a period. After that terrible moment has passed Perchè no!…took up again its by then generation-long efforts in defence of hand made ice cream, incorporating the inevitable technical advances but maintining the constant quality and genuineness that only tradition can guarantee.

In 1991, two Florentine friends,
ex musicians, decided to take over the shop, which in the last years had lost some of its original shine. Thanks to the family unit of one of the two friends, a very able and efficient group has been created.
That is how Mrs. Paola and her two daughters Cecilia and Valentina, having as a constant engagement the professionality in the laboratory and the cordiality in the shop, rediscover the old and original recipes and start to make the different ice flavours, taking particular attention to the quality of the ingredients, reaching the bold and unmistakable taste, which is the main feature of Perchè no!… Even for restructuring and renovations works in 2001, the research and the use of material became such an important aim, that only precious materials had been employed, like the marble mosaic floor in different natural colours, the mosaic ornamental linings made of natural stones reassembled powders, whilst the old original onyx lining had been left and now "framed" has sign between old and new.

The Ice cream

Cream & Sweetness

Chocolate & Elegance

Fruit & Freshness

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"The Artisan Ice-Cream Shop in Florence"

Opening Time
All days*: 12:00pm ▶ 08:00pm
*Tuesday: closed

TEL: (+39) 055 - 2398969 FAX: (+39) 055 - 2398969

Via dei Tavolini, 19-red 50122 Florence (IT)

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